Courses and Advanced Training for Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists

If you’re already certified as a Consulting Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist through us or another internationally recognized certifying body, you know that this is a profession that requires an attitude as a life-long student… our clients are always our teachers! And we are learning every day we work in this field.

Every so often, however, we need a little support from those who have already experienced what we’re experiencing, have already made mistakes and learned from them, have already found tips that greatly enhance success for ourselves and our clients. Sometimes, learning from someone else is the smartest shortcut to make us better!

With years and years of experience, thousands of clients, and a goal-oriented spirit, we’ve made online classes where you can learn more about the ‘important stuff’ to have greater success, more client satisfaction, and better results.

Continuing Education for Better Success in Hypnosis

Because we train to help Graduates succeed, we also provide continuing educational courses that help them hone their skills. Our short and powerful courses focus on areas where Hypnotists in the field may need additional support or to introduce them to specialized skills for new client markets.

Stop Smoking Enhanced Success Program

Have you experienced less success than you’d like with your stop smoking clients? Are you looking for the tools that will help you gain confidence to tackle this large group of individuals who are truly in need of your help?

Jennifer Norris-Nielsen takes you by the hand through the most important areas of your stop smoking sessions – general protocol, pre-hypnosis interview techniques that work, and basic scripts that help you establish your credibility and confidence. There are 1.3 billion smokers in the world – be a powerful force for helping people become smoke free, for life!

Workbook, scripts, checklist and two video pack for $79.

For more information and to purchase, please contact [email protected]

Instant and Rapids Induction Workshop

Want to feel more comfortable using the faster and highly effective techniques of instant and rapid inductions? Not only will you be able to save time during your induction to focus on the transformational work, but you will no longer have evening clients falling asleep, can discover ways to bypass analytical clients, and ensure that your clients realize that they have experiences ‘something special’ with you.

With experience and support from hypnotherapy trainers Jennifer Norris-Nielsen and Mitch Nielsen in the training room and one-to-one, you’ll learn the foundations of what you need to know to build your confidence to include a variety of tried and tested successful inductions for demonstrations, entertainment and clients.

Instructor training video, student examples and workbook for $79. Certificate of participation available.

For more information and to purchase, please contact [email protected]

Sports Hypnosis and Working with Athletes

Find a rewarding and popular niche in hypnosis with athletes and supporting clients through sports enhancement. From weekend warriors to elite athletes, you can support performance through better internal motivation, mindset and focus, energy management, goal setting, mental toughness, visualization and imagery, and self-talk.

Working with a wide variety of athletes allows your instructor to powerfully bring theory and practice together to help you help your clients succeed. Your video is accompanied by a workbook with scripts.

Workbook, scripts and instructor videos for only $99. Certification of participation available.

For more information and to purchase, please contact [email protected]

Becoming the Newsletter Expert: The Writing Journey – Hands-On Writing to Communicate, Connect and Win More Clients

Creating a solid newsletter not only enhances connection and sales points with current and past clients, but can also draw prospective clients to your business and positions you at the “go to” hypnotist for media and other business channels.

This workshop covers the simple writing steps to create a winning newsletter to boost your communication program and business effectiveness. Your instructor, Jennifer Norris-Nielsen, has written a newsletter for over a decade and brings both the art and science of writing to the course from her extensive experience.

Instructor videos and step-by-step workbook for $79.

For more information and to purchase, please contact [email protected]

5 Universal Metaphors to Support Your Hypnosis and Counseling Clients

What if you had a shortcut to support client success in a wide variety of issues by using just five simple yet extremely powerful metaphors?

Through the use of metaphors and guided imagery, which taps into the expansive subconscious mind, hypnotists and counselors have discovered ways to begin or reinforce powerful concepts such as choice and responsibility, self-control and letting go. Learn several powerful processes through mental storytelling that can be immediately applied to clients of all ages.

  • Understand how to tap into the imaginative and storytelling part of the mind
  • Learn five visual mental techniques to enhance change
  • Explore ways to adapt these general concepts to best serve clients
  • Hypnosis training NOT necessary – valuable for all mental health practitioners

Workbook, scripts and live videos for $129.

Once you feel comfortable in helping your clients through powerful suggestions and visualizations, you may wish to explore other therapeutic methods that help to discover the root of the issues are clients are facing. Or maybe you learned causal therapies in your training but don’t really know how to apply them to actual therapy and clients. Having a confident grasp on therapies such as regression, gestalt or empty chair therapy (for forgiveness and grief work), and parts therapy can give your practice a wider range of tools to support transformation in your work.

  • Age regression assists you in accessing the ‘start’ or root of a client’s issue – with instructor videos, case study and workbook, you can use the past to help people change their futures – $129
  • Gestalt / Empty Chair Therapy is used for helping people release relationships in the past that may be holding them back and move them into a world of forgiveness and freedom. This therapy also supports grief work. Instructor videos case study and workbook – $129
  • Parts therapy can still the inner conflict that often troubles our clients in easily making shifts for their greatest good. Instructor video, case study and workbook – $129
  • Insight therapy can use other root or causal methods to source positive attributes, inspiration and understandings for better life functioning. Instructor videos and workbook – $99


Special Deal for GMN Grads!

Audit the Certification Class February-May 2021

You know the subconscious mind loves repetition, loves repetition… so reinforce all your learning and success by “auditing” the home study class starting February 2021!

  • access to at 10-days of videos (lifetime access)
  • join the group sessions weekly
  • get TWO bonus one-to-one sessions to boost you into the hypno-stratosphere!

Must be a graduate of Grey Matter Network for this special deal!

Only $697 for this class only!

Why Choose Us

      • Hypnotism Graduation is only the first step on a lifelong journey of learning
      • We want you to succeed in the profession, and make the profession a success
      • Specialist training can put you ahead of competition, and increase your competence fast
      • Honing your skills in a particular area can increase your success and referral rate
      • We are always working on courses to serve you – let us know what you need…

What students' say...

I loved your presentation. I am teaching future social workers and counselors at a community college. Your metaphors are awesome for helping them deal with career/school decisions as well as stress.

Kelly, Texas, USA

I really enjoyed your course. I am working with a Crossfit competitor at present who is my first sportsperson I have worked with since the [Sports Hypnosis] course.

Lanai, Australia

I really enjoyed it and learned a lot about using your techniques – they are in my “working’ file folder to use with other clients.

Susan, USA

These are great. What a terrific resource [for stop smoking success]. I found your notes on the pre-interview and set up really helpful.

Jenny, Bali/UK

Thanks so much for your presentation. I found it really helpful and felt very energized through the discussion of your ideas

Cynthia, Texas