Learn Hypnosis Online with Personal Attention from a Successful Consulting Hypnotist over 10 weeks

Join our 10 week Certification Program starting February 27th, 2021

Imagine learning a skill that can give you an enriching full-time or flexible career, or add influence and energy to your current work… Imagine learning this skill in a way that fits into your busy schedule, yet with the personal attention from a successful Hypnosis practitioner, instructor and specialist, so you can focus on what you need and want to learn…

Learn the power of the subconscious mind to enhance your mood and achievement… help the people you care about think and feel better… add skills to your current job to influence teams and projects for good… discover a vocation that is flexible and portable…

Our online training takes you from basic theory to advance techniques, guiding you to confidence and competence in using hypnosis on yourself and others, all from the comfort of your own (safe) space with variable timing to fit your schedule.

There’s a big problem with learning hypnosis the “old way” these days…

The global pandemic has changed the way we connect and learn, yet has in no way reduced the need for trained individuals in the helping professions.

Your trainer has been helping people make positive changes in their lives for 18 years, many of them online, as families move yet still want someone they know or trust to help guide them through the process of change.

It is the same way with distance learning, and because we use the power of the subconscious mind in our virtual classroom, your ability to grasp and use concepts becomes even easier.

This 100 hour course gives you all the theory and practical information and skills you need to become an internationally recognized Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist.

In a face-to-face world, the classroom sessions usually take 10-days, which means that students have to find the course, arrange for accommodations or transportation, and block out a long period of time out of their daily schedule.

Our Home Study program has been deconstructed so that you still get exposure to all the information, interaction with classmates, as well as one-to-one time with the instructor, rocketing your learning to an even higher level of competency, while keeping the time flexible to fit your busy schedule.

More convenient with greater personal attention. Greater safety at less cost. Flexible time with valuable training. The solution is Hypnosis Home Study.

Jennifer Norris-Nielsen – Board Certified Hypnotist, Lead Therapist at Grey Matter Network LLC and Your Instructor
Jennifer Norris-Nielsen Instructor

I’m Jennifer Norris-Nielsen, your lead instructor on this journey of learning. Have been a successful Consulting Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist and Instructor for many years and LOVE the work I do. It makes such a positive impact on people’s lives. Sometimes the work we do feels a bit like ‘magic’ – working so quickly and dramatically by using the deeper part of the mind, the subconscious, where all our habits, beliefs, and feelings are stored. I want you to be successful in this work and the course is created to give you what you need to seamlessly move from class to practice.

Learn Hypnotherapy at Home and Become a Consulting Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist at your Own Pace, Wherever You Are

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is not only a growing profession that help people make changes quickly and effectively, but it is a powerful and portable skill to learn that makes you more valuable and influential in your current workplace, or gives you flexible options for additional income or a full-time career.

Hypnosis helps adults, children, groups, teams and businesses to move past blocks or habits in their lives, guiding them to a healthier, happier place where they have more choice and control, using the power of the subconscious mind.

As a professional in the field of Hypnotism and Hypnotherapy, you can help ‘everyday people with everyday problems’ stop smoking, reduce stress, lose weight, get over fears, be in charge of ‘bad’ habits, enhance sports performance, ease life transitions, manage anger, do better in school or public speaking, move past ‘stuck’ points in life, improve relationships and so much more. You learn all the theory and practical training to enter into this field once your course is successfully completed. To find out more about Hypnosis and how it can help got to our FAQ page.

Successful completion of the Hypnotherapy Home Study Course welcomes you into one of the largest and oldest hypnosis certifying body in the world, the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). gives you the the knowledge, confidence and advanced training through Grey Matter Network, the hypnotherapeutic and subconscious excellence centre started in Asia and expanded globally, with practicing graduates on every continent. Connect with your Instructor to see how this training will work for you, with any questions and to register.

But don't take our word for it...

Our graduates share what they gained from the training and what they gained through the learning process and beyond…

"A journey of both great learning and self discovery", "I make at least what I paid for the course every week", "Surprisingly Fruitful...",

“The Skype [online] sessions were surprisingly fruitful, because she had the time and luxury to focus on my learning needs.”

Erin L. – China/Singapore

“I was a bit reluctant at first because of the overall cost of the course… now I make at least what I paid for the course every week.”

Gabrielle T. – Thailand/Qatar/UK

I completed the home study course in 2013 and would like to thank Jennifer for her fantastic support and encouragement. Completing the course has been a journey of both great learning and self-discovery.

I started the course with lots of enthusiasm, but with limited knowledge of hypnosis. The course has provided a fantastic foundation of understanding, covering a broad range of topics, as well as enabling me to gain some significant personal insights. The structure of the course allowed me both the flexibility to work around other commitments, as well as the time and space to reflect and integrate learning before moving on to the next section.

Without a doubt, the best thing about the course is Jennifer’s enthusiasm, energy and expertise. At every stage, I felt supported and encouraged. Through her actions, Jennifer repeatedly demonstrated her professionalism, her commitment to positively sharing the power of hypnosis and her care and dedication to building a community of lifelong learners. I

would highly recommend the hypnosis certification to anyone who is considering it. It’s great! Thanks Jennifer..”

Lucy F. – Singapore/Australia

Here’s what’s included in the Hypnotherapy Home Study class

Online learning

The Home Study Certification program’s foundation is based on our ten “day” video series. Privately accessible on our learning platform, you have the ability to follow the skills from beginner to advanced techniques, and learn both the theory and practice of the subconscious mind and hypnosis.

The information within the videos covers a variety of relevant subjects in areas that give you a depth and breath of knowledge that will be immediately applicable at home and life, and valuable in a work or practice setting. In our express program, one week is allocated for each day.

Group Classes

Our hybrid format gives you the opportunity to learn on your own AND have the dynamics of a classroom. Our class sessions will delve deeper into the material and make sure that you and your classmates understand the theoretical background as well as the practical subtleties.

This is an opportunity to discuss, ask questions, practice techniques, present findings and results, and discover a group of individuals who are on the journey  of unearthing the power of the mind. Class will be held each week during the express program.

One-to-One Sessions

Graduates often have said that this is where some of the ‘magic happens’. Unlike most courses, you’ll have personal sessions with your instructor to learn from the “hypnotist’s hypnotist”.

These sessions alone are worth thousands of dollars – it’s like getting your own “hypno-godmother”, someone who has supported thousands of clients, students and groups to make positive changes and who has an ability to find multiple solutions to hypnosis challenges and model the process of working through hypnotic change. Jennifer’s focus during this time is completely on your learning needs .

Learning Checks

Our goal is to help you feel confident and competent with the information you are studying. So we have regular checks to make sure that the details are clear and that you can share your understanding with others. This is not to be confused with an academic nod to learning – we want you to really grasp the content of each day’s class.

Community /Network

Our graduates live and work around the world and know what it’s like to start out. During your training you will be able to join our group “Diamond” sessions, discussing currently relevant topics and ‘honing’ skills to make your work even more brilliant. The combination of experienced and new students brings real-world understanding to fresh perspectives.

Globally Recognized Certification

Successful completion of the Home Study course and examination will welcome you into the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), one of the largest and oldest certifying bodies in the world. Your first year’s membership in the the Guild is also included in your training. Grey Matter Network has been creating successful graduates and advanced qualifications in this exciting field of study

Top Reasons People Join Our Course

Here are a few of the reasons people want to learn to use hypnosis. If one of these statements speaks to you, you can find out more by clicking the link:

There are many other reasons our students are drawn to this class – two more reasons that most discerning people are looking for and find in the training: control over your own schedule for learning, and one-to-one time with your instructor, so you can get tips and guidance specifically for you, from a professional practicing and training in the field for over 18 years. We’ll help you transform potential into a rewarding reality.



Get your questions answered, hear what our students and graduates have to say, or schedule a chat with your Instructor. It would be wonderful to have you join our network of successful practitioners, who are doing amazing change work around the world.

Join Our Class for Positive Change!

Why wait? When you join the home study program now, you’ll start getting bonuses to help you relax, get focused, energized… and ready to start controlling the power of your subconscious mind.

  • Access to our learning portal for self-directed learning

  • Regular group meetings in our closed classroom

  • Private one-to-one sessions with your instructor

  • All material and certifications for the entire class included

Upcoming class start date: February 27, 2021

Completion time: 10 weeks (end May 2021)

Cost: Special rate (with extra bonuses until February 2): $1996
(UP $2995)

Certification: National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH); Grey Matter Network (GMN)

Already Certified? We can help you advance your knowledge!

Are you already certified in Hypnosis or just looking to the future once you are? We have specialty courses that can help you hone your skills and increase your success in areas like how to enhance your practice, foundations to excellence, stop smoking, sports hypnosis, rapid inductions, regression, forgiveness work, parts (ego-state) therapy…